General Regents Information

Flushing YABC Regents Test Preparation Services

  • Regents Review Portal - this website contains important information about each Regents exam.

  • DOE Tutoring - offered in scheduled classes. See your teacher for more information.

  • CCNY Tutoring - sponsored the Child Center of New York in Room, sessions held by experienced college tutors.

  • Regents Review Seminars, taught by DOE teachers

  • Publication of Regents Handbook - This handbook provides students with information and brief outline of each exam.

General Testing Information

  • Students must verify the information on the Regents invitations. If you are a graduation candidate, make sure you are scheduled for all remaining Regents. If you have a question, please see a staff member right away. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!

  • Be sure to bring your Regents invitation, a photo ID, two pens and No. 2 pencils to the test site.

  • Leave any electronic devices or unauthorized reading materials at home. This includes smart phones, bluetooth devices, headphones, AND smart watches. Having them on you during a Regents can lead to a disqualification of the exam.

Need Help? Tutoring Services

  • Flushing YABC offers in-person tutoring services through by our DOE tutoring team and our partners, the Child Center of New York.

  • You may ask a question, submit a paper for us to proofread as well as scheduling an online tutoring session during our office hours.

  • Look for a wealth of Regents preparation materials by clicking on the subjects above.

Lost Regents Exam Invitation?

  • Please see a Flushing YABC staff member in Room B22 to replace a lost Regents exam invitation.

Don't Panic - You've Got This!!!!